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Manufactured in Italie from 1956 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11059

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Iso Duplex Super 120

With its rangefinder cameras Bilux and Reporter, ISO - Industria Scientifica Ottica, Milan, Italy-has gained acclaim in the closed world of prestige photography.
The quality, workmanship and originality of her designs are exceptional.
This superb vertical stereo perfectly reflects this production.

It is the top of the range version of the Duplex 120 which, for example, has fixed lens f 6.3 / 25mm and does not allow to disengage the stereo.
Clear full frame Viewfinder,
• Image format 24x24 mm, film 120 (6 x 9)
6-speeds shutter: 1 second to 1/200 + B exposure
Lens ISO IRIAR f3.5 / 35 mm. Minimum focus 1 meter. Depth of field table at the left lens. Minimum aperture of f 22.
Sync. M and X
Selector for choice between  mono or stereo.

What a pity it is not rangefinder type ... It would be perfect.
A variation of this model, sold on the French market under the name of Kinax 3D is extremely rare.

Iso Duplex Super 120

Iso Duplex Super 120