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Photos by AS text by AS et EC. From the collection of Maison de la photo de St-Bonnet
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Manufactured in France from 1900 until after 1903.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11060

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Japy Le Pascal

The Pascal (No. 15750) is a motorized box providing  twelve pictures in burst (40 x 55).
François (Francisque, Francis ...) Pascal was a repeater at La Martiniere in Lyon, where he probably knew Auguste and Louis Lumière, but also Antonin and Leon Boulade brothers who take the succession at the head of  the "Manufacture d’appareils photographiques et d’appareils de précision" "of their father in Lyon.

On December 7, 1897, he took a patent for a film type automatic jumelle that will never be marketed. The box was patented March 6, 1899 by Pascal and  Izerable who will  make it built by the company Japy, manufacturer of watches and typewriters.

The film is exclusive to Victor Planchon, another friend of the Lumière brothers.

This film comprises at its end a start part made of  black paper with a metal eyelet. For the loading, this eyelet is attached to a hook on a big wooden axle. The mechanism is loaded  by winding all of the film on the drum. At each trigger, the shutter opens (2 speeds and time exposure), the film winds and the counter automatically advances. It can be taken three to four pictures per second if you want ... The film being under tension, its flatness is excellent. When folded, the viewfinder blocks the trigger.

Francis Pascal also took a German patent for his camera to protect, among other things, the shutter cocking along with the progress of the film. This DRP patent has a certain importance because it is one of those which will be opposed to Oscar Barnack when he will want to patent his UR. (quoted in articles about Leica and the Pascal in " Prestige de la photographie ")
Francis Pascal also proposed to take advantage of the speed of the camera to make false stereo taking two consecutive shots by just changing the supporting tripod to shift the position of the camera. (Guy Borge, author of the article on "Prestige de la photographie"  discovered stereo prints made by Pascal).

Japy Le Pascal

Japy Le Pascal

Japy Le Pascal