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Manufactured in ex-Tchecoslovaquie from 1950 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11502

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Meopta Opema I

During the nationalization of the photographic industry (1946), MEOPTA brought together several brands, including ETA. However, the names of many of these brands continued to be marked on their production.
This camera is a 35 mm for 24x32 mm format with a clear viewfinder.
Its lenses are interchangeable with a 39 mm screw mount ... but not at Leica type thread. Warning ! Leitz Optics and other "39 screws" are not usable on OPEMA and vice versa.
Its focal plane shutter allows speeds up to 1/500th of a second.
The lens of this specimen is a BELAR 1: 2,8 / 45 mm. For this standard focal length, MEOPTA also offered a fast OPENAR 1: 2.0 and also a BELAR 1: 3.5. These lenses are telescopic. For the other focal lengths, the brand also proposed a 1: 6.8 / 30 mm, a 1: 4.5 / 90 mm, a 1: 4.5 / 135 mm and a rare 1: 6/180 mm.
The full opening of the body is made by sliding the back by means two "Leica" type  keys on each side of the base.
This device is of very good manufacturing quality.
A "II" model, in all respects similar to this one, but with the addition of a rangefinder was also made available, It seems before the "I" ...
In collection, this model "I" is more rare than the "II".