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Manufactured in France from 1965 until 1975.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11587

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Mundus Mundus Color 65

Traduction de DL

It looks like a small movie camera, uses 16mm film but it is a still camera. So is the Mundus Color 65, called the photographic camera by his maker in the adverts.
It is actually a movie camera without film advance mecanism, equipped with a photo shutter.
In the adverts, Mundus Company insists on the number of exposures that the camera allows to take without needing to load a new film (up to 300 exposures 10x15 mm according to the advert in 1961, 350 exposures said Science et Vie in 1963 in their special photo cine edition)
This formula has two advantages which ensured a significant success: from one hand the high capacity in a small format, using a standard double 8 (16 mm) cine film which was availble everywhere in those days; on the other hand the cost of a slide is only 6 centimes. As Mundus was offering a broad system with dedicated accessories such as a viewer, a projector and mounting masks, quite a great deal of clients adopted it, which allowed the last Mundus model, the Mundus Color 65 to be sold from 1974 until 1976, while the first camera was issued in 1950.
The Mundus Color 65 is a pretty well made camera, with couple film advance and shutter setting. The shutter is a ATOS 2 which provides B setting and speeds from 1 second to 1/300th of second. On the model displayed here, the lens is a Roussel 25 mm with 2,8 aperture, interchangeable. Under the winding lever, there is an exposure table that shows the recommended aperture depending on the lighting level. On the model displayed here, the symbols are printed in silver on a black bottom. On other models, the symbols appear in color. This case is black but some light grey models are known, with frosted paint anyway.

Mundus Mundus Color 65

Mundus Mundus Color 65