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Photos by EC text by EC. From the collection of Eric Carlhan
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Manufactured in Chine from 2003 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Frequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2022

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Olympus Mju-III 120

Traduction de Manuel M

Series III was ultimate of the Mju family silver ones. The last models were launched in 2003, including this III zoom 120. It is provided with a zoom 38-120 autofocus, whose certain lenses are out of  ED glass of very high-quality.
Compared to II, it gains a dating back and a dioptric corrector on the viewfinder. There are still some modifications of detail as the shape of the flash and the “chrome” decoration which remains visible when the camera is closed.
To note a big improvement compared to II: the rapidity of setting is much faster and very near to that of initial Mju.

Like its predecessor, without being waterproof, it has a protection against water sprinklings what enables him to be used under the rain.

To mention in the silver line some other avatars:

Mju: fix focal distance 3,5/35 mm. In 1991.
Mju Limited: idem but silver plated shining. In 1991
Mju zoom: equipped with a zoom 35-70 mm f/4,5-6,9. In 1993.
Mju zoom 70: equipped with a zoom 35-70 mm. In 1997.
Mju zoom wide 80: equipped with a zoom 28-80 f/4,5-8,4. In 1998.
Mju zoom 105: equipped with a zoom 38-105 mm. In 1996.
Mju zoom 115: equipped with a zoom 38-115 mm. In 1997.
Mju zoom 130: equipped with a zoom 38-130 f/4-10,3. In 1999.
Mju zoom 140:
Mju-II: fix focal distance 2,8/35 mm, exists in black and in silver plated. In 1997.
Mju-II zoom 80 (Deluxe Edition): equipped with a zoom 38-80 mm f/4,5-8,9.
Mju-II zoom 80: equipped with a zoom 38-80 mm f/4,5-8,9. In 2000
Mju-II zoom 115: equipped with a zoom 38-115 mm. In 2000.
Mju-III zoom 80:
Mju-III wide 100: equipped with a zoom 28-100 mm. In 2003.
Mju-III zoom 110: equipped with a zoom 38-110 mm f/5,6-12,6. In 2003.
Mju-III zoom 115: equipped with a zoom 38-115 mm.
Mju-III zoom 120: equipped with a zoom 38-120 mm. In 2003
Mju-III zoom 150: equipped with a zoom 37,5-150 mm.