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Photos by EC text by EC et SYLVAIN HALGAND. From the collection of Eric Carlhan
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Manufactured in Japon from Circa 1969 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2025

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Revere 3M Automatic 1064

Traduction de Manuel M

Revere was a long time only a manufacturer of movie cameras (film) and projectors. Thus, during the years 1930 and 1940, on the US market, one could find the movie camera Super Revere 8, and the projectors model 80 and De Luxe 85. The arrival of the brand to photography is a little later, and seems to begin with launching of the Revere 33, stereo camera, in 1953. The photographic production will be never very important and will often make calls with subcontracting.

3M means “Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing”. It is thus well about an american company. It appeared in 1902. Its initial core activity is the extraction of mineral necessary to the manufacture of glasspaper and manufacture itself. In 1925, 3M introduces on the market a ribbon of masking called Scotch. It is only in 1930, that the “Scotch tape” such as we know it, as a transparent adhesive tape, appears. The electrical Scotch tape insulator makes its appearance in 1945. The first Scotch magnetic tapes arrive in 1947. Scotchgard waterproofs as from 1956 and Scotch-Brite starts to scrape in 1958.
In 1960,3M takes over the Revere manufacturer.
In 1964,3M buys the Italian Ferrania, manufacturer of photographic products, because this one has in Europe, a know-how and industrial tools around the film factory and the deposit of emulsion that 3M does not have. The coexistence of the companies Reveres and Ferrania in the 3M group explains why one finds on the two sides of the Atlantic, from 1964/65 of the cameras raising the logo of the minors of Minnesota.

This model Automatic 1064 is not current. It is elaborate since the exposure is regulated automatically by a Cds cell placed beside the viewfinder. Revere not being more that the shade of itself and Ferrania not able to manufacture a camera of this quality, it is Minolta which was requested for manufacture, from where this “Rokkor” on the lens. The cell and Flashcube are supplied by two batteries AAA whose housing is beside the film cassette