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Manufactured in Germany from 1966 until 1993.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Rollei Rolleiflex SL66

Traduction Patrick Marot :

Presented at the Photokina (Cologne) in 1966 along with the Rollei 35, the SL 66 is the first SLR of the firm. With some refinements, the SL 66 was manufactured until 1993 (SL66 E, cell silicon TTL focusing, SL 66SE, center weighted and spot cell, SL X 66 with TTL flash exposure). A range of Zeiss was developed during the production of different models (among them, the Distagon 80 / 4 and 150 / 4 were equipped with central shutter speeds from 1 / 30 to 1 / 500 sec): 30 mm/ 3.5 mm fish eye in 1000 / 8.

The bodies of the SL 66 series are completely manual. The frosted glass of sight is removable and can be replaced with a frosted stigmometer glass and / or grid. The aim and focus is through the viewfinder cap can be replaced by a prism (with or without meter).

The only fault in the design (not least) is the requirement to remove the prism to set up or remove the shutter of the magazine (perhaps related to an agreement not to compete with Hasselblad).

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Pub de 1975
1ere page du cahier WKD (4 pages) cahier du caisson étanche SL66. Ai également le cahier (allemand) de présentation du SL66 Cordialement

PhotoGraphic de 1973

Video for the model (contact me for future addition)

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