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Manufactured in Inconnu from Circa 1983 until 0.
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Inventory number: 3122

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Ricoh F-35

At the time of writing, this device is not listed on the Ricoh website and therefore little is known about it. It is essentially a box camera for 35mm film with one shutter speed and two apertures, one of which would usually only be used with flash. It has a nicely colour coated lens of unspecified focal length, but probably about 35-36mm by external measurement. The two apertures have been estimated. It seems likely that the camera was made in Taiwan, but there is no mention of the country of origin on the case. The date of manufacture is a guess based on the use of ASA, and the red decoration around the lens which is often associated with Canon and Nikon compacts of the period. It appears to be designed for use with 100 ASA film in daylight but flash distances for 200 and 400 ASA are given on the flash head.   

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