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Manufactured in Chine from Circa 1990 until (After) 2000.
Index of rarity in France : Infrequent (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 6914

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Henrycon A-8000S

This 'scamera' was probably designed around 1990 when New Taiwan Photographic Corporation moved its production faciliies from Taiwan to mainland China (Shen Zen). It was intended for sale by mail order, and the designs became progressively more bizarre during the 1990's.

The iris is square in shape, like some Kodak 126 Instamatics, and it is continuous. The little table on the top right side is an exposure guide for ASA (not ISO) 100 and 400 films. 

It was also sold as the Akira 2000N, Benz and Gant Helioflex 3000T*, Generation 2000N, Kamachi 2000N, Meikai AR-4394, Mintax PB892, Nippon AR-4392(F), Ouyama** 2000N, Pearl P-1, QLS-99 2000N, Santec 2000N, Skina SK-7000F, Starflex, etc. These cameras all have the 'lens series number' 198761 or 624181. 

An almost identical camera with a two position switch (outdoor-indoor) on the lower right side of the lens, was sold as the Nippon AR-4392FN and the Ouyama 2000H.

* This name was not registered in the USA until 2000.  **Oyama is a small city just north of Tokyo.