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Manufactured in Indonésie from (Circa) 1992 until (Postérieur à) 1993.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Fuji DL-1000 Zoom

We are in the presence of the most sophisticated devices in the Fuji DL range. This series benefits from prewinding which avoids any accidental veil since the film returns to the cartridge as and when shooting.

It is equipped with a flash with 4 programming modes. The focus is multi-beam, 3 beams provide measurement, this function is disengaged in single radius. The viewfinder has a diopter adjustment to aim without your glasses. A landscape position blocks focus on the infinite for aiming through a window or in the presence of a foreground that disturbs the focus. The minimum focusing distance is very small: 65 cm.

The electronic retarder allows you to program up to three consecutive photos.

The last possibility on the D-1000 Zoom is the option to take photos in "Panorama" mode, not to be confused with landscape. A removable cache masks a portion of the film to use only the central portion, as will the APS format later. Two dotted lines in the viewfinder allow framing if you think about it at the time of shooting. And in this case, we have the disadvantage of loss of definition on enlargement and especially the obligation to make panoramas on the complete film since the accessory is placed before loading! And also, the importance of mentioning the format feature for the lab ... and do not forget to remove the frame to load the next film since the loading is done automatically and without visibility ...

The frame is stored in a rigid box placed in a beautiful pocket not to lose.

Fuji DL-1000 Zoom

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