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Manufactured in Germany from 1935 until 1936.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 8324

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Mentor Mentorett
Mentor Mentorett with Meyer Trioplan 1:2.9

This Mentor Mentorett is the rare top model of the ephemerous line of focal plane TLR cameras made by Goltz & Breutmann in 1935. The basic characteristics are similar to the other Mentorett camera shown in this site (, but has the features:

- Both lenses are Meyer Trioplan with 7.5 cm of focal length and 2.9 of maximum aperture. Fast lenses were rare among 6x6 TLRs in the period.

- The aperture rings of the lenses are coupled, that is when you turn one of the lenses the other will turn accordingly. Internally the aperture rings are linked with a metal strip. This permits to check depth-of-field directly while focusing.

- The shutter trigger includes a mechanism for operation with a cord.

- Other differences include a single bellow internally, contrasting with the two bellows (one for each lens) of the 3.5 model, and no wooden parts on the internal face of the front standard.

This was the first TLR with an ‘automatic’ shutter, that is shutter cocking with film advance. This camera, while slightly heavy and bulky when compared to other TLR cameras of the period, is a fantastic and reliable device for easy and precise operation.