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Chronology of the Ricoh brand  New window

Manufactured in Japon from 1977 until after 1978.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2152

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Ricoh XR-2

Traduction de Manuel M

I bought it while thinking of making a school camera of it, because it has most characteristics of a totally manual camera (not of autofocus system, a mechanical self-timer, a short and soft cocking, a range of speeds rather wide…). The camera is not therefore only manual, it also allows, thanks to its three CdS cells in TTL an effective measure of the luminosity.
The presence of these cells makes it possible this camera to offer an automatism with aperture priority when a compatible lens is mounted. It has a tester of depth of field.

It has also a small window to see in the viewfinder the value diaphragm: a super idea!
The /viewfinder is equipped with a small internal part to avoid the luminous returns.
This viewfinder is very luminous, and displays the value of the selected speed and has, rare case to mention it, a stigmometer in /slant, which facilitates the focusing.

Let us speak about the lenses! The advantage of this camera also lies in the possibility of associating all the range of the lenses with the K mount.

Provided with the Rikenon 50mm opening to 1.7, the camera can be compared without turn red with its contemporaries, it offers at the time a less low price, characteristics at equal price quite higher.
Its great defect, with my advice, is the noise during release, a sound well present and low. It unfortunately needs two batteries to work, but which fortunately has a very long life.

Envisaged to be a school camera, it ended like a camera for of every day.