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Foca PF2b (FG220)
France Version française
Photos by PG text by PG. From the collection of PG. Last update 2014-02-14 par Sylvain Halgand.

Manufactured or assembled in France from 1947 to 1948.
Index of rarity in France: Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
Inventory number: 2435

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The PF2b were manufactured from 1947 to 1957. The first models had eyepiece (of course at rear) rectangular. From the variant shown on this page, which was manufactured in 1947 and 1948, eyepieces became round.
From 1948 to 1957, succeeded other variants, each with developments of the button design, covering etc. ... They were also all synchronized for the use of both magnesic and electronic flash.

The serial number 31,306 B was manufactured in 1947.

Foca PF2b

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