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Manufactured in Taiwan from Circa 198 until 0.
Index of rarity in France : Courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 2675

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Yunon Optical Yunon Deluxe-I

This camera was made by the Yunon Optical Company of Pei Tou Chu Taipei. The Yunon name also appears on the dx-3 (an imitation rangefinder) , the YN300, YN500, YN600, Deluxe II, and YN-35F (all imitation SLR's).
Yunon multiplied its model inventory by putting different names on identical cameras, as the Great Wall Plastics Company had done with the 'Diana' series in the 1960's. 


They all have an uncoated meniscus lens (usually plastic) which is claimed to be 50mm, with a maximum aperture of F5,6, F6.0 or F6.3, and described as an 'Optical Color Lens',  with 'Auto Fix Focus'. They all have four apertures, sometimes labeled as F6, F8, F11 and F16. This one has two sets of weather symbols for ISO100 and ISO200. Some models have a serial number on the lens barrel which is the same on all examples, and even on different cameras. This camera has a curved film plane which presumably assists in overcoming some of the distortion of the simple meniscus lens (!). Some people describe these cameras as toys, but they have superior specifications to many Instamatic cameras of the '70's and '80's !