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Manufactured in Japon from 1996 until (Before) 1998.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 11562

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Minolta Vectis S-1

Traduction de DL

This autofocus SLR for APS format was released in 1996. It is a light and small camera, whose shape is streamlined since light travels through lenses and mirors, no pentaprism being used. For these reeasons and because it is a water-proof body it was used and recmmended by trekkers.
This APS SLR is as sophisticated as the Minolta 35 mm SLR’s, offering shutter speeds from 1/1000th to 30 seconds, TTL metering on 14 honeycomb spots, spot metering, exposure correction, flash metering through 4 zones (with the built in flash or the SF1 dedicated flash). For non expert users, 5 programs results oriented are proposed. For experts, standard program, manual, aperture priority, shutter priority modes are available. Last but not least, the viewfinder can be adjusted to the user’s sight.
Interchangeable bayonet fit lenses are not compatible with Minolt AF mount. A specific range has been developed : in addition to the 28-56 mm zoom, a 22-80, a 56-170, a 25-150, a 80-240 APO, a 35 mm Macro and a 400 miror telephoto are offered.
This camera was using all capabilities fo the APS format such as panoramic mode, re-use of partially  exposed film etc. However, despite its user friendly and seducing design, this camera was not a great commercial success. Experts did not buy it, APS format being more popular in the segment of compact cameras, before being overwhelmed by digital cameras.
Equipped with a 28-56 zoom, this camera costed 2990 Francs in Decembre 1997 at Camara’s. In 2000 the same kit was sold for only 1970 Francs at Shop Photo (and nobody was buying it…).

Minolta Vectis S-1

Minolta Vectis S-1