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Photos by JCB text by JCB. From the collection of JCB
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Manufactured in France from 1956 until 1960.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 15429

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Foca Standard

In 1946, the company Optique et Precision de Levallois (OPL ) create a new production plant in Chateaudun (France) and begins production of a simplified version of the Foca , the " une étoile " (One star). Built on the same basis, with the same rigid aluminum alloy housing , and the same focal plane shutter limited to 1/ 500 second, It is a small format compact camera , without rangefinder , cheaper than the " Deux étoiles " (two stars) that was so successful that we are already talking about out of stock. The lens is a semi wide-angle 3.5cm opening at 3.5. Early versions  with fixed lens will change in 1948 to offer screw mount interchangeable lens, as its elders the "Deux étoiles " (two stars) and " trois étoiles (Three stars) The painted star of the first model becomes an engraved star and will give rise to a succession of models (see this oneeach with several variations. This line of rangefinder cameras  will receive several names, often confused : a star (or 1 *) painted or PF1, then 1 * engraved or PF1B Foca Standard " S " Foca Standard.

The camera presented here is listed as a Foca Standard Model 3 . Its serial number indicates it has ben produced in 1956. It is characterized by :
• black lacquered body housing .
the 23 mm size rewind button fitted with a disc remembering  the sensitivity of the film.
Two flash sync  plugs marked with a light bulb and a flash.
The rewind system ( there is no  lever any more , but to disengage the winding you must press halfway on the trigger).
The lens is still a 3.5cm F: 3.5 OPLAR , screw mount , and the viewfinder covers the field of a 3.5 cm. It should be noted that it is theoretically possible to install on the Foca Standard all Foca lens with screw mount, it is impossible to use the 5 cm standard lens provided for the rangefinder cameras of the Internal focusing type (2 ** and 3 ***). A 5 cm F: 3.5 lens called " rigid" ( not retractable ) and provided with a focusing ramp is dedicated to the Foca * .