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Manufactured in Malaisie from Circa 1996 until prior to 1998.
Index of rarity in France : Peu courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 3102

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Minolta Vectis S-1

This is one of very few single lens reflex cameras made for Kodak's ill fated 'Advanced Photo System'. Like all APS cameras there was a choice of three fomats with aspect ratios 3.1:1 (Panoramic), 16:9 (High Definition) , and 3:2 (Classic).

There was also a choice of lenses for the Vectis S-1 including 17 mm, 50 mm, 400 mm, and 28-56 mm, 56-170 mm22-80 mm, 80-240 mm and 25-150 mm. A 'standard' lens for 3:2 format in APS is about 30 mm, so there is no equivalent in that series of a 35 mm or 28 mm prime lens in 35mm format. What was Minolta thinking? Why would anyone buy a 50 mm 1.67X telephoto as a prime lens, and what sort of photos would it take in the larger formats? It appears to make no sense.

The other thing that is odd about this camera is that it appears not to have any 'ready' signals for focus or flash, a timer or a 'B' setting, all of which were provided on much cheaper cameras in the 1990's. This example has lost a small loose panel which used to cover the shoe for Minolta's more powerful purpose designed flash.