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Photos by RL text by RL. From the collection of Renaud Laemmli
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Manufactured in Japon from 1954 until 1955.
Index of rarity in France : Rare (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 6474

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Minolta 35 II

The classification used here is adapted from those of Wolfgang Huller and Andrea Apra ', which is  serving as the basis for data from the Minolta Manual Focus Collector's Society.

We have here a Minolta 35 Model II with still the old shape of the hood, so without a "sidewalk" under the rewind button, called "type a". We may distinguish two "types a", respectively a1 and a2, having in all cases the hood engraved "C.K.S" under the serial number, while the later following types b will have as engraving "Chiyoda Kogaku".

But one element differs from the first 35 Model II (type a1): a red "X" appears on the slow speeds selector button, marking the synchronization speed with the electronic flash, whose flash is much shorter than that of the magnesium flashes

It is from this version that the new 2.8 / 50 will be optionally offered as an alternative to ther 2.8 / 45. In this case the viewfinder window is reduced in proportion to the loss of angle of view. due to the longer focal length, which is noticeable by a wider front frame. Specifically, the window measures 14 x 10 mm with a 45 mm lens, and 12 x 8 mm with a 50 mm. For all other focal lengths, a specific viewfinder was to be mounted on the accessory shoe. In 1954, the choice at Minolta was as follows:

- a 35 mm opening at 3.5, released in 1953.
- a 85 mm opening at 2.8, released in 1949.
- a 110 mm opening at 5.6, released in 1948, or the new version of 1950.
- a 135 mm opening at 4.0, released in 1948, or the new version of 1953

Minolta 35 II




Help to identify the Minolta 35 models

by Renaud Laemmli


Engraving on front      
  Engraving on the top    

No engraving      
  Chiyoda-Kogaku Osaka    
    Slow speeds with a key lock (sequence 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 readable from front)  
      Frame counter mark oriented toward front beside the "R" 35 A (type a)
      Frame counter mark oriented toward the hinge axis 35 A (type b)
    Slow speeds without a key lock (sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, 25 readable from front) 35 A (type c)
  Minolta 35 et ####*   35 B (type a)
  Minolta 35, ####* et C.K.S    
    Rewind button with a visible central axis and the winding of the film is seven perforations 35 B (type b)
    Rewind button without central axis  
      The winding of the film is eight perforations
No eyelets on the strap
No hollow on front under the lens
        Slow speeds always readable from the front 35 C (type a)
        Slow speed readable from the top 35 C (type b)
      Eyelets on the strap
Hollow on front under the lens
"R" lever under the frame counter disc
        Format 24 x 33 mm 35 D (type a)
        Format 24 x 34 mm 35 D (type b)

Model E     35 Model E

Model F     35 Model F

Model II      
    No "sidewalk" under the rewind knob
      Slow speeds sequence : 1, 2, 4, 8, 25 35 Model II (type a1)
      Red X between 25 and 8 on the slow speeds knob 35 Model II (type a2)
  Chiyoda Kogaku    
      Accessory shoe with no balls between the screws 35 Model II (type b1)
      Accessory shoe with two balls between the screws 35 Model II (type b2)

Model IIB     35 Model IIB

*Serial number

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