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Manufactured in Chine from 2005 until prior to 2007.
Index of rarity in France : Courant (among non-specialized garage sales)
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Inventory number: 9405

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Ricoh GR Digital

In 2005, Ricoh caused a sensation when it released the GR Digital, an atypical camera inheriting the philosophy of film-based GRs.
It has for him a solid magnesium case and an excellent fixed focal length lens covering the field of a 28 mm for a 24 x 36 mm.
It has options for controlling exposure and focusing with manual, infinite or "snap" (focus point set at 2.5 m) modes.
Its well designed ergonomics with a dual-wheel system was a first for a digital compact.

The synchronized hot shoe allows to use an external flash, the manual recommends the Sigma flashes EF-DG 500 in SA shoe)
A range of accessories allows to increase the possibilities of the camera but they considerably increase its volume.
Thus there is a lens hood and an optical complement to extend the field to that of a 21 mm (in 24 x 36 mm), they require the use of an adapter to be fixed on the body frame. The external optical viewfinder GV-1 with bright lines for 28 and 21 mm frames, still on sale in 2019 to accompany the GR III, has been created for this first GR Digital.
It is also possible to use the wired electric remote control CA-1, it connects to the USB port.

Unfortunately like many Ricoh compacts it is equipped with a sensor too noisy compared to some of its contemporary competitors.
It was nevertheless successful particularly among the followers of street photography.


Awards :

*TIPA 2006 - Best Prestige Camera (Europe)
*Camera Grand Prix 2006 - Special Prize (Japan)
*iF Product Design Award 2006 (Germany)
*Camera of the Year 2005 - Compact Digital Camera 1st Prize ; Nippon Camera Magazine (Dec '05issue,Japan)
*Compact/Consumer Digital Camera of the Year ; Australia Camera Magazine Imaging Awards 2005-06
*Best of the Best 2006 Awards ; Smarthouse Magazine (Nov '05issue,Australia)
*What Digital Camera Choice ; What Digitl Camera Magazine (Feb '06issue,UK)