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Manufactured in Taïwan from Circa 1976 until 0.
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Inventory number: 3793

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Yunon Optical Penmax YN-3

This may be one of the first cameras made (or distributed) by the Yunon Optical Company Ltd; many of the early Yunon models had a "YN" prefix. The Yunon Optical Company Ltd was founded in 1974.

There were two variants of this camera, the second(?) does not have the aluminium aperture ring or the separate flash socket. They both have three apertures, F8, F11 and F16. The design of the lens barrel, and aperture mechanism (which is a moving slot of varying width), is very similar to the Tougodo Meikai FC and C35C.  

The camera has a large circular frame counter, and a thread around the shutter release to which a cable release or a clockwork timer could be attached. Similar cameras, some with lever wind, were sold (or given as prizes) exclusively (?) in the USA until about 1983. (Yunon/Yumeka dx-3/dx-5, Yunon A2, Yunon LX-5, Sitacon ST-3 etc) 

The YUNON trademark expired in the USA in 2005, and the site of the Yunon Optical Company Ltd's premises in Pei Tou, Taipei is now occupied by the Shangri La Far Eastern Hotel.       git